A keen interest and love for flowers is all that is required.

You may consider the Basic Floral Design course in which you will learn the fundamentals of the Basic design forms. This course will facilitate your progress to a professional level.

With an extensive range of courses offered by NSFD, students learn practical skills in the course specifics. A more comprehensive course like The Professional Certificate in Florist Development includes theoretical studies in color management and basic knowledge in floral business management.

Our class operation time is: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 1pm, and 2pm to 4pm. Saturday from 10am to 12pm.

Additionally, we have evening classes on Thurs from 7pm to 9pm.

Students may commence their lesson as soon as they have formalise their enrolment with full fee payment. Students have to book their lesson slots in advance.

While booking for class lesson is flexible, there is a stipulated duration for the completion of courses, for instance: students have to complete the Basic Floral Design course within 3 months, or the Professional Certificate in Florist Development course within 1 year.

Yes, we see a substantial number of international students. 

Notices on various “Job Opportunity” in the floral industry shall be shared with the students. However, NSFD bears no responsibility whatsoever between the potential employers and the potential employees or the applicants.

NSFD conduct a Floral Retail Management Course. On top of that, we also provide consultancy services in operating and getting resources to start your own floral business.

While most courses or workshops do not have any examination at the end of the training, the professional floral courses are vigorously set to give trainee a good foundation to meet the challenges of the floral industry. Hence, the professional courses do have examination to test the maturity of skill-set of each trainee at the end of their courses.

For Corporate Clients with a sizeable number of students, you are most welcome to enquire about group discount. We can also customize the courses to suit different corporate requirements.

If the student successfully completed the NSFD Examinations, the student shall be awarded a certificate of competence jointly offered by NSFD and the World Floral Council (WFC). However, non–floral courses may be awarded an independent or joint certification, which is promoted with other established institutions in Singapore or the region.

We also conduct classes such as WSQ courses, Artificial Flower Design Course, Ribbon & Bow Making Course, Festive Season Floral Design Course, Congratulatory Floral Design Course, Condolence Floral Design Course etc. We also customize specific course packages according to your needs.