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NSFD has a strong desire to create a dynamic environment for our students and visitors. We encourage frequent interaction between students and the instructors. In NSFD, we provide an active social network that will open new opportunities.

The school hopes to create a little ‘Eden’ within its premises by providing a relaxed learning environment. Come into the world of flowers and discover the beauty of your own creation with the help of our dedicated instructors. No one is born with all the skills of a floral designer but our committed instructors will teach you the necessary techniques and skills. You will experience the joy of transforming ordinary flowers into a piece of floral art. We welcome you to join us on a journey of self-discovery through the beauty of nature.

  • Mr Anson Low AIFD CFD - Principal & Founder
    • Anson is a floral art designer at one of Asia Pacific premier floral design schools. He is also the Chapter Leader of World Flower Council (Singapore) as well as a Certified NSRS Assessor by SPRING Singapore and Certified AFS Pacific Rim Instructor.

      With more than 20 years of Floral designing & teaching experience, he has gained a good reputation around the world for his style and depth of understanding floral art at a professional level. He had been invited to various events and exhibitions as VVIP or guest speaker in Japan, Korea and ASEAN. Today, he has a huge following of students and is sought after for advice on the development of floral art. His numerous floral art works receive wide coverage in various floral magazines.

  • Ms June Tan AIFD CFD - Master Trainer
    • Certified AIFD since 1998, June started to turn her passive interest into a serious career as a floral trainer. With more than 20 years of experience, she has deep knowledge of the floral industry. She had judged at numerous floral competitions in the regional countries. Her floral art pieces are featured in Korean ‘Today’ Floral Magazine, International Floral Art 06/07, amongst others. Her floral creation was chosen to be a feature design at the WFC Summit 2005 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Besides an AIFD certification, June Tan is also a World Flower Council (WFC) member and a certified NSRS Assessor by SPRING Singapore as well as a Certified AFS Pacific Rim Instructor.

NSFD had been given extensive coverage by the following media:

• TCS Art Central, Singapore
• TCS 8,Singapore
• Radio Television Brunei

• FM958, Singapore

• ‘Today’, Korea
• ‘Flowers’, Japan
• Griya Arli, Indonesia

• International Floral Art
• From hot to cool: Christmas Presentation

• Manila Times, Phillipines
• The Straits Times, Singapore
• Lianhe ZaoBao, Singapore
• Der Gartenbau, Switzerland

“… so happy to visit your school and see many wonderful design… we could better understand what is the meaning of design! THANK YOU!” June Shishikura, Japan
“I can truly recommend anyone to join NSFD classes as they are done out of true passion for the love of floral profession and the positive development of the floristry industry in the best interest for everyone. NSFD attracts the most enthusiastic students that are always driven by their will to learn more and be of any help when it is a matter of flower design works. I have had the recent pleasure of working together with Anson and his students for the well-known Food, Wine and Arts Weeks 2007 at the Raffles hotel and I must say it was performed in true joy and interest in the world of flowers under the competent lead of Anson himself. I owe him a great thanks and look forward to future projects together.”
Per Benjamin, Life3, Sweden
Interflora World Cup Winner
“… It was a helpful class for me because I am into interiors which is my real occupation here in Manila.”
Jaimie Cuerva , Philippines
“… thank you both teachers Anson Low and June Tan to give me all the guidance and moral support! I am glad that I have chosen a good school and good teachers, this is my honor!…”
Michelle Lim Seow Eng, Singapore
“I studied floral arranging with Anson for nearly two years. I have not come across a more dedicated instructor and one who is so generous with his time and expertise. He is truly inspirational.”
Joseph Kennedy, USA
“I have been a student at Nobleman School since November 2004. I started with the Professional Course and now I nearly finished the American Style. What I like is that Anson and June teach you a variety of techniques, beginning with the basic flower arrangements to all kinds of designs. Through school you can be involved in different projects and workshops with designers from all over the world. Not only do you work with flowers, a part of what you learn is connected to interior design and other amazing decorations like jewelry. The school is very flexible and every student follows his own program. You will never miss class because of a holiday. If you are looking for a floral school, please visit Nobleman School of Floral Design.”
Anneke van Eck, Netherlands
" ……. expressing my utmost gratitude to NSFD for providing excellent courses, special thanks to Anson who walked me through with patients and kind heart, you are a wonderful instructor and your attention to details was amazing ! keep up the good job , no doubt I will come to you again to upgrade my skill in future "
Pure Lee, Malaysia
“Nobleman School of Floral Design (NSFD) is recommendable to everyone and anyone no matter what nationality or cultural background. The staffs are patient to the students and pay maximum attention to students leaving everyone satisfied at the end of the day. I left the school feeling as if I was well prepared to face such a competitive market!”
Orlanda Gomes, Seychelles
"It felt really great to teach in an environment where I could sense passion all around me. Anson teaches knowledge but especially passion towards his students and this is what basically characterises a true teacher. The small-scaled character of the school exudes an atmosphere of warmth and personality which can but influence you in a positive way. Briefly, I felt honoured to have been invited as a visiting lecturer at the Raffles hotel and been able to share my knowledge and creativity with impassioned students of the Nobleman School. I wish all of you lots of success!"
Tomas De Bruyne, Belgium
Belgian National Design Champion and Interflora World Cup finalist
“Thank you for your guidance and patience. Now, I can really appreciate the art of floral design. I’ll continue to create awesome designs…..”
Catherine Ng, Singapore
“I like the bouquet lesson the best. I was surprised at your (unique) design. ….”
Sachiko. D, Japan
“since starting as a complete novice, my appreciation and interest in all things flowers have grown each week. My ability and confidence to produce fantastic designs is incredible, and has only been possible with the patience and support of the teaching staff at Nobleman"
Carole Slater, UK
“ I am proud to be trained in NSFD and will share my experience with others. No regrets coming to NSFD. May Nobleman grow from strength to strength each year ….”
Ruby Heng, Singapore
“As an Image Consultant and Artist, the concept of floral design held a certain fascination for me. In January 2006 I enrolled on the ‘Professional’ course at the NSFD with Designer Anson Low and have not looked back!

What sets the NSFD apart from other schools teaching floral design are : the way in which the classes are taught; the techniques used which allow you to ‘learn and create’ rather than copy; use of good quality fresh flowers and the variety of international students attending the different courses on offer.

In addition to this there are plenty of opportunities to gain ‘hands-on’ experience through helping with preparation work for events throughout the year. The other big plus for me was that the timings were flexible. Which means if you have a family, are working or have to travel, you can still follow a course at the NSFD.

From time to time the NSFD bring in highly respected International Designers and run excellent courses and seminars.

If you are keen to learn more about flowers for your own enjoyment or as a career, look no further. You will not be disappointed and I can vouch that you will experience ‘inspiration through living art ”
Karen French
Karen French Designs – Singapore
“Once again would like to thank you both for such a fantastic workshop that I had ever experience.

It’s such a great honor that we get to share, work & build up the entire empty café to an unexpected creation of your unique ideas.

I have so much fun & inspiration even thou just a 2 days workshop but really I have learn a lot. Looking forward to seeing you again in other workshop…..”
Evan Chee – Wedding Planner – Malaysia
“I Just wanted to thank you all very much for all your patience and friendliness….. It has all been enjoyable and I have learnt lots to practice when I am in the UK.”
Sue Phipp – UK
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