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The WSQ Diploma in Floristry Management course modules are developed by Nobleman Institute of Floral Design Pte Ltd., in accordance with WDA Floristry framework guidelines. It delivers beyond the aspect of just a florist who does the daily arranging of flowers for customers. These courses transform a florist into a well-respected professional, upgrading their skills and knowledge, so that they are competent in areas such as designing, managing, marketing & sales, IT skill, communication & presentation skills and leadership skills.

Nobleman Institute of Floral Design Pte Ltd is an approved WSQ floristry framework training provider and we provide the following competency units in WSQ Diploma in Floristry Management*.

*Do note that this is a professional skill training curriculum, it is not a course curriculum that will lead to academic tertiary qualification.

Core Units

Vocational Skills
1. FL_MK-401C-1 (CU1) Develop a comprehensive floral design portfolio
2. FL-DS-401C-1 (CU2) Accomplish improved floral design skills and techniques
3. FL-DS-402C-1 (CU3) Develop concept plans and preliminary documentation for floral designs and displays
4. FL-DS-403C-1 (CU4) Prepare detailed floral project design drawings and specifications
5. FL-SV-401C-1 (CU5) Manage implementation of floral design or display project

Generic Skills
ES-WSH-401G-1 Workplace Safety and Health-Managerial (by CUGE)

Elective Units

Floristry WSQ
1. FL-MK-402E-1 (CU8) Develop an in-house catalogue for product and service
2. FL-TD-402E-1 (CU11) Develop communication, presentation and performance skills

Retail WSQ
RE-SS-408E-0 Develop a business plan (by SIRS )

1. For florist who is currently working in as a commercial florist and is looking forward to upgrade their skill and knowledge and seeking career advancement through a proper training programme.
2. For Floral Designers, Managers, Executives in the floral industry who seek to advance their knowledge and skills in floral design and management.

Please contact us on course modules offered and registration detail.
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