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Apart from the usual floral lessons, we do not stop at being an institution for floral education in Asia and hope to achieve more by becoming a regional hub for creative services for everyone who is interested in floral design. Hence, at NSFD we also provide the following services:
  • Gift Certificates
    • Always wonder what unique gift to present to your love ones on those special occasions. NSFD Gift Certificates offer a few possible solutions. You can choose from our range of short and long courses as the perfect gift. Your love one will have the opportunity to spend quality time to learn a new skill and learn how to appreciate nature and life much more. Floral art is both soothing and enriching. Perhaps you can even learn more about each other through taking the courses together.

  • Local / Overseas Floral Tour
    • To encourage deeper understanding of the floristry industry, NSFD occasionally organizes both local or overseas floral tour to give an overall process on how flowers are grown, harvest and process before reaching becoming a products itself. Also, participants are able to know the variety of flowers available and the character of these flowers at their countries of origin. Please check with www.facebook.com/noblemanschool on the next available tour.

  • Annual NSFD Seminars
    • This is a much-anticipated annual event where NSFD invites prominent master florists from around the world to give a demonstration in Singapore and at the same time, pass on valuable knowledge of finer details in the art of flowers. Master florists to have graced the Annual NSFD Seminar in the past few years include Per Benjamin, Tomas De Bruyne, Max Van de Sluis, Wally Klett, Hitomi Gilliam, Gregor Lersch, Pim van den Akker, Daniel Santamaria, Sophia Lee, Tina Shih, Chu Yung-An, Chou Yu Kai, Kevin Ylvisaker.

      Register with NSFD on our next date, so you do not miss the chance to mingle with these world-renowned florist and learn their little secret of success in this art of floral.

  • Interior & Floral Events Consultancy
    • With its good reputation in Asia, NSFD has been invited to decorate at a number of VVIP dinning events, exhibitions and special theme wedding dinners. However, floral arrangement as an art, has evolved from its traditional role and move to fuse with other medium too. To date, NSFD has also successfully incorporates floral art with jewelry and painting such as floral collagen, in which has commercial and interior values.

      Thereby, NSFD is able to provide consultancy in a number of areas:
      I.VIP Dinning/Wedding Floral Arrangement
      II.Garden Floral Decoration
      III.Interior Floral Art Design
      IV.Commission of Floral Collagen Painting
      V.Floral Retail Business Consultancy
      VI.Retail Window Floral Display
      VII.Product Launches with floral art
      VIII.Lecture on Floral Art & Structure for architecture, design and art schools.

  • Corporate Training
    • In the age of globalisation, more and more companies see the value of training their staffs in view to boast morale, increase their level of efficiency and building teamwork. Hence, NSFD is able to provide an alternative training method using floral art as an inspiration and training tools to the corporate executives.

      Learning floral arrangement is an art of looking out for details, balance of overall effect and making correct decisions on the use the different flowers. In the bid to perfect an arrangement, these considerations are constantly re-enforced into the mind of the executives through their practical hand-on session. While emphasizing on individual’s mind training, teamwork is also important on the final outcome of the entire floral arrangement.

      Let NSFD structures a specialised corporate training program on your next company’s training day. It shall be a most unique, intriguing and fascinating experience for all!

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